San Lorenzo night introduces Castelvecchi Sunset Terrace

From August 10th, a new star will shine the Chianti area: it’s Castelvecchi Sunset Terrace, a panoramic terrace where the most authentic flavour of the chianti meets the most beautiful sunset of Tuscany. The enhancement of this extraordinary location sees its birth with a touristic-enologic project, which can be summed up in three key words: Meditation, wine tasting, music.
Castelvecchi Sunset Terrace is not a place for everybody: it is the culmination of a crawl experience, that the millennial cellar of Castelvecchi, the oldest still active of Tuscany, proposes to a tourist careful, able to understand the value of deep culture and cultural landscape which is unique in the world.

You can reach the Terrace through a short walk,from Castelvecchi Cellar, in Radda, accessible from Traversa del Chianti. Panels placed along the path will explain Chianti Classico’s history, Borgo Castelvecchi’s origin, and all the activities made by our technicians and enologists that make unique our Chianti Classico, through projects as “Le Madri” one, for a culture and cultural preservation. Everyone who wants to live this exclusive experience, can purchase from the cellar an original picnic basket with the Chianti Classico wines and delicacies of the local tradition, to then reach, with a short walk, the magical view, where you can enjoy the sunset with the most authentic flavours of this earth.

To add a special charm to this proposal, musical moments will be organized, as in August 10th, for the opening event of Castelvecchi Sunset Terrace. The concert by the pianist Daniele Dori and the baritone Claudio Mugnaini, in San Lorenzo night will drive an evening of wine, food and music, which will just represent the beginning of an exciting journey .