The Quality Assurance

Cartolina Chianti Castelvecchi

“I take the commitment to uphold the quality of true and genuine Chianti wine; therefore it was decided to export it directly, guaranteeing the product sincerity and naturality and selling it at a price that can win the competition with many different types of Tuscan Wines that, although well treated, rarely possess the gentle taste of True Chianti.”– Abelardo Gutierrez.

In the early twentieth century, Premiata Fattoria di Castelvecchi in Chianti is already distinguished by its ability to provide quality assurance all over the world and to earn the trust that even then was a key ingredient in the trade of fine wines.

The postcard that you see was provided to winery sales men  to provide them the credentials for a genuine relationship with their customers at a time when intercontinental distances were measured in weeks travelling via steamship.